Required Best Management Practices

  • DelicatusDelicatus is a downtown "Green" business that reduces food waste and packaging by recycling and composting.

The Seattle Municipal Code 22.803.030 requires all Seattle businesses to implement the following six basic Best Management Practices (BMPs).

  • Eliminate non-stormwater discharges into storm drain system (i.e. accidental spills, internal building drains incorrectly plumbed to storm drains).
  • Perform routine maintenance of drainage system to remove accumulated sediment and pollutants (i.e. catch basins, ditches, storm drains).
  • Properly dispose of solid and liquid waste and contaminated stormwater per the four recommended options: 1) recycling facilities, 2) municipal solid waste disposal facilities, 3) hazardous waste treatment, and 4) storage, disposal facilities and sanitary sewers.
  • Properly store solid waste, including food waste and regular garbage.
  • Prevent, properly clean up, and dispose of pollutant spills and leaks.
  • Provide oversight and training for staff in following the BMPs.

Please see pages 19-36 of the City’s Source Control Manual (pdf) for more information on each required BMP.

In addition, businesses that are located in the separated storm system (pdf) must implement additional BMPs based on their site activities.

Please contact us for additional assistance determining the BMPs that apply to your site activities.