The northern industrial and residential area of South Park experiences chronic flooding for three reasons:

  1. The main drainage pipe to the Lower Duwamish Waterway is underwater during high tide, so the system cannot drain.
  2. Not all streets in the area have an adequate drainage collection system.
  3. Many private properties in the area do not have drainage pipes connected to the public drainage system.

This project will construct roadways and drainage systems to direct stormwater to a future pump station and water quality facility. The project’s scope and design are being planned in coordination with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).

Many of the streets in this area are in poor condition, which adversely affects water quality and impacts freight mobility. Rebuilding the roadways is an important part of this project for both SPU and SDOT, since it will allow streets to drain effectively into the new stormwater conveyance system. SPU and SDOT are partnering to reduce construction impacts on the community.