Pump Station 22

What & Why

The Magnolia Basin 60 is a combined sewer basin located south of the Ship Canal and directly to the east of Discovery Park. In this area, stormwater and sewage in the basin is collected and flows to Pump Station 22.

During heavy rain events, high volumes of stormwater can overwhelm the pump station causing an overflow into Salmon Bay. The combined mixture of stormwater and sewage can be harmful to humans, aquatic life, and other wildlife.

For the Pump Station 22 Retrofit and Force Main Replacement project, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will upgrade the pumping capacity of the pump station and the sewer pipeline in the Magnolia neighborhood along W. Cramer Street, 40th Avenue W., and Commodore Way.

The contractor may stage equipment at Fort Lawton to mitigate construction equipment in the roadway. To access the potential staging area, the contractor would primarily use Texas Way and 40th Avenue W.

This project will help reduce the number of overflows and improve water quality offshore. In addition, SPU will perform safety improvements to the pump station as part of the project.

What’s happening now?

Design for the project is now complete. Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback with us last year at our open houses. If you missed the open houses, please review the display boards and updated fact sheet linked in the Project Documents section below.

Last year, we received valuable input from the community and worked to incorporate feedback into the final design to the greatest extent possible. Some design changes we’ve incorporated include changing the type of fencing used around the pump station equipment, and providing access to the bulk head.

Images of the final design can be found in our document library. Please note that these images do not indicate the type or location of artistic design elements that were presented in December.

At the open houses, we also gathered construction-related questions that we will share with our Construction Management team and use to develop an FAQ that we will share on the project website before construction begins. We are starting the contracting process in early spring 2019 and we will get back in touch with the community prior to construction starting.

SPU will provide updates to the community during construction. To receive updates about the project, please click the link under Connect on the right-hand side of this page to sign up for the project listserv.

SPU is also performing an emergency force main replacement project in the area. This is a separate project that will replace a damaged sewer force main that runs underneath the Shilshole Bay Waterway west of Commodore Park.

Project goals and benefits

  1. New pavement and ADA ramps along the alignment of the new force main.
  2. Replacement of pump station infrastructure that is near the design life cycle.
  3. Better water quality by reducing combined sewer overflows.
  4. Improved safety conditions for SPU pump station maintenance crews.
  5. The creation of a shoreline viewpoint and public access at the street end of W. Cramer Street in accordance with Seattle Municipal Code 23.60A.578.

Project documents

Shoreline Street End Landscaping Plans (pdf)

December 2018 Open House Display Boards (pdf)

December 2018 Project Fact Sheet (pdf)

DNS for Pump Station 22 Retrofit and Force Main Replacement (pdf)

SEPA Checklist for Pump Station 22 Retrofit and Force Main Replacement (pdf)

February 2018 Community Drop-In Session PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Pump Station 22 100% Civil Site Plans (pdf)