Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation

Meadowbrook Pond is a Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) stormwater detention and flood control facility located at 35th Avenue N.E., between N.E. 105th and 110th streets in northeast Seattle.

Meadowbrook Pond was designed to provide multiple stormwater benefits for Thornton Creek, including flood reduction, water quality improvement, sediment removal, and habitat improvement. In addition, Meadowbrook Pond provides wildlife habitat and open space.

To restore the pond’s designed functionality for stormwater detention and flood control as well as improve wildlife habitat, SPU must conduct necessary, routine maintenance to remove accumulated sediment from Meadowbrook Pond.

Because this involves in-water work, SPU will conduct this work during a period of time that will have the least impact on fish and other aquatic life (i.e. during the “fish window”). In addition, SPU is actively monitoring the site to minimize construction impacts to wildlife.

SPU is evaluating the ongoing monitoring and maintenance program for this facility as part of the Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation Project.

What's Happening Now?

In September 2018, SPU completed partial in-water sediment removal at Meadowbrook Pond.

SPU contractor crews are tentatively scheduled to resume the dredging work this this year and will replace the creek bypass system that failed last summer. Dredging work will focus on the southwestern portion of the pond, the Forebay and Cell 1. Therefore, we expect that more of Meadowbrook Pond will be open during construction, compared to last summer.

As early as late May, contractor crews will mobilize in the southwestern corner of Meadowbrook Pond to construct the bypass improvements, and they plan to begin staging and preparation for dredging in mid-June.

The in-water work will occur during the summer construction “fish window,” the time period when construction will have the least impact on fish and other wildlife, which runs from July 1 through September 15. The dredging work is expected to take less time than last year, and site restoration and demobilization should be complete by the end of summer.

SPU will provide updates to the community prior to and during construction. Please sign up for the project listserv to receive updates about largescale maintenance projects at Meadowbrook Pond.

Project Documents

Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation Project Overview – Spring 2019 (pdf)
DNS for Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation (pdf)
SEPA Checklist for Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation (pdf)