Meadowbrook Pond Facility Rehabilitation

Meadowbrook Pond is a Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) stormwater detention and flood control facility located at 35th Avenue N.E., between N.E. 105th and 110th streets in northeast Seattle.

Meadowbrook Pond was designed to provide multiple stormwater benefits for Thornton Creek, including flood reduction, water quality improvement, sediment removal, and habitat improvement. In addition, Meadowbrook Pond provides wildlife habitat and open space.

View how Meadowbrook Pond manages stormwater during dry and wet weather.

To maintain the pond’s designed functionality for stormwater detention and flood control as well as improve wildlife habitat, SPU must conduct necessary, routine maintenance to remove accumulated sediment from Meadowbrook Pond.

View the document that shows sediment accumulation impacts on stormwater management and benefits of sediment removal.

What's Happening Now?

In September 2019, SPU completed in-water sediment removal from the forebay and cell 1 at Meadowbrook Pond. 

SPU is continuing to monitor sediment accumulation over time to identify when additional sediment removal work will be needed and continues to evaluate approaches to long-range sediment removal planning.

SPU will notify area residents prior to future sediment removal work at the pond.