Living on a Creek - Backyard Stewardship

Take care of creeks from your backyard

You can help people, creeks and wildlife by following these landscaping, water quality and water conservation tips.


  • Practice Salmon Friendly Gardening by choosing native plants and reducing pesticide and herbicide use. For more native plant suggestions, refer to the Washington Native Plant Society.
  • Improve the health of your lawn without using chemicals with Natural Lawn Care.
  • Use compost and mulch: Grow Healthy Soil with compost to improve water quality and decrease run off. You can even make compost and mulch at home with yard waste and food scraps.
  • Reduce run-off, which can carry sediment and chemicals into creeks, with Smart Watering. You can also save water with Efficient Irrigation.
  • Reduce impervious surfaces, or surfaces that don’t absorb water, on your property.

Protect Water Quality

  • Protect your creek’s water quality by Storm Drain Stenciling.
  • Report Surface Water Quality Problems such as leaking automobiles, concrete dumped in the street, or paint in the drain.
  • Learn ways to keep water safe and clean.

Conserve Water

  • Save water at home and at work to keep water in our reservoirs and rivers, which provide habitat for fish and other wildlife.

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