Spotted Owl Surveys


This young male spotted owl was captured and banded in 2008

Surveys from the late 1980s found a maximum of five northern spotted owls in the watershed. In the early 1990s several juvenile spotted owls were observed, indicating successful breeding. No further surveys were conducted until 2005, when we surveyed all appropriate old-growth forest within the watershed. No spotted owls were detected during this survey.

However, during a follow-up survey of the old-growth in 2008, one young male was found. This male had been banded as a juvenile near Snoqualmie Pass in 2006, and likely moved into the watershed during his first or second year.

If at some point in the future spotted owls are found to be nesting in the watershed, an annual survey will be conducted of the nesting areas for a period of five years. This study of the birds and their habitat use should allow us to better design habitat restoration projects to benefit spotted owls.

View survey reports on the spotted owl species web page.