Common Loon Monitoring

All common loon nesting habitat within the municipal watershed is located at the margins of Chester Morse Lake and the Masonry Pool. This means the nests are vulnerable to the adverse effects of seasonally fluctuating reservoir levels. Consequently, we are conducting a long-term investigation of the ecology of common loons within the reservoir complex.

This project includes the deployment of experimental nest platforms. Environmental conditions dictate the feasibility and effectiveness of loon platform locations and accessibility from year to year. Each year we evaluate the prevailing environmental conditions, the predicted reservoir refill regimes, and loon habitat availability and suitability. We then deploy the artificial nest platforms as appropriate and monitor the reproductive success of resident breeding pairs.

View a map of common loon nesting and rearing areas on the common loon species web page.

red decommissioning slide show

Newly constructed nesting platform.

red decommissioning slide show

Nesting common loon in the Cedar River Watershed.