Bull Trout Telemetry Studies

We followed the movements of adult bull trout, rainbow trout, and pygmy whitefish in the reservoir complex using acoustic telemetry techniques. We installed an array of hydrophones in Chester Morse Lake, Masonry Pool, and several major river systems to detect acoustic transmitters implanted in individual fish as they moved through the system.

This acoustic telemetry study evaluated the horizontal and vertical distribution of fish in the reservoir system; timing, duration, and frequency of individual fish spawning migrations; and timing of passage between Chester Morse Lake and Masonry Pool. Data from the study supports water management operations and provides necessary data to a bioenergetics modeling study conducted by University of Washington scientists.

View a presentation on the progress of the Acoustic Telemetry Study on the bull trout species web page.

implanted transmitter

Scientists implant a transmitter in a sedated bull trout in the Cedar River Watershed.

monitoring transmitter

The yellow hydrophone is attached underwater to a log. It detects fish with implanted transmitters as they swim past.