Road Improvements & Decommissioning

Many roads in the watershed were used almost exclusively for logging traffic in the past and will no longer be needed. Over $5 million is designated for a road decommissioning program to deconstruct 236 miles (38%) of the existing road network. This will have substantial benefits, as these roads will no longer contribute to sedimentation of streams and will not require the time and money involved in maintenance.

Several road-related activities are being carried out in the watershed to minimize sediment delivery to streams, improve drainage patterns altered by roads, and provide fish passage. Roads are a major contributor to accelerated rates of sedimentation and erosion into streams, and thus can adversely affect water quality.

red decommissioning slide show

Old road built through the center of the Rock Creek wetland.

  red decommissioning slide show

In 2002 we removed the old road fill and restored the natural wetland hydrology.