Protect Watershed Habitats

Findley Lake

Findley Lake is a small alpine lake in the upper Cedar River Watershed.

The Cedar River Watershed contains a variety of habitat types for fish and wildlife. Within Seattle’s municipally-owned watershed (the 90,579 acres that comprise the upper two-thirds of the watershed) habitat is mostly forested and extends from the steep crest of the Cascade Mountains on the eastern boundary to rolling foothills on the western boundary.

Map of location of Cedar River Watershed (pdf)

Map of Cedar River Watershed (pdf)

Habitat types are described in the following categories:

Many HCP activities are designed to restore and protect habitats within the City's municipal watershed ownership boundary above the Landsburg Dam. Between the Landsburg Dam and Lake Washington there are a variety of ownerships adjacent to the mainstem Cedar River. Under the HCP we are restoring instream habitat and purchasing some critical land to protect and restore riparian habitat along this section of the river.