Lower Cedar River Large Woody Debris Inventory

large woody debris

Periodically measuring all the large woody debris in the Cedar River allows staff to assess changes in distribution.

An initial inventory of large woody debris (LWD) in 2005 established baseline information on wood loading and wood associated habitat on a 12-mile reach of the Cedar River between Landsburg and Cedar Falls. To assess changes in the distribution and characteristics of LWD in the Cedar River, the inventory was repeated in July and August 2007.

This information will enable SPU to better assess the implications of large storm events on wood transport and loading in order to protect water supply operations and aquatic habitat. The results will be integrated into an LWD management plan currently under development. In addition, the 2007 wood inventory will allow SPU to quantify the effects of high flow events occurring in 2006 and link specific physical changes to LWD loading in the river.

View isometric of the Number and location of large woody debris pieces in the Cedar River (pdf)