List of Measurements

The HCP includes an extensive research and monitoring program to assess the effectiveness of HCP activities. Evaluating the effectiveness of HCP actions is especially important because of the long-term (50-years) nature of the HCP. To measure our progress a set of assessment metrics have been identified that represent specific measurable aspects of species and habitats addressed in the HCP. By documenting the work we perform under the HCP, we can track compliance with our legal commitments and use the information to interpret these metrics of effectiveness.

In addition, a large number of research projects conducted under the HCP have resulted in publications (pdf) in peer-reviewed journals.


Chinook salmon—metrics
Coho salmon—metrics
Pygmy whitefish—metrics
Bull trout—metrics
Sockeye Salmon—metrics
Steelhead trout—metrics
Learn about the fish covered under the HCP.


Northern spotted owl—metrics
Marbled murrelet—metrics
Northern goshawk—metrics
Common loon—metrics
Bald eagle—metrics
Peregrine falcon—metrics
Learn about the birds covered under the HCP.


Grizzly bear—metrics
Gray wolf—metrics
Learn about the mammals covered under the HCP.


Pond-breeding amphibians—metrics
Stream-breeding amphibians—metrics
Learn about the amphibians covered under the HCP.


Road Improvements and Decommissioning—metrics
Aquatic & Riparian Restoration—metrics
Lower River Restoration —metrics
Habitat Restoration - Upland Forest—metrics