Fish Operations and Counts

  • Sorting Chinook salmon at the fish ladder.
  • Salmon and trout migrating through the fish ladder.

The Landsburg Dam was modified in 2003 to provide safe passage for migrating fish. For fish moving downstream, a new spill gate was installed. For fish moving upstream, a fish ladder was constructed.

The fish ladder provides opportunities to sort out sockeye for broodstock and collect important biological data from other fish migrating above the dam. When the ladder is not in use to sort sockeye salmon, a Vaki Riverwatcher counts and photographs fish passing through the ladder.

Fish observed passing through the ladder include: Chinook salmon, coho, trout, steelhead and whitefish. To protect drinking water quality, sockeye are not allowed to pass the dam. Data taken from fish passing through the ladder includes species, sex, natural or wild origin and fork length. For some years, genetic information is also available for Chinook and coho salmon.

Fish Passage Graph

Fish Passage Reports

The following newsletters are in PDF format.

Recolonization Studies

The following reports are in PDF format.

The following citations are scientific papers published on salmon recolonization in the Cedar River.

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