Chinook Spawning

View slideshow of fish passage past Landsburg dam.

Nineteen fish species have been documented in the watershed, including three that are listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act (bull trout, steelhead trout, and Chinook salmon).

Seventeen of the documented species (pdf) are native.

Most of this diversity is in the streams and lakes of the lower watershed (See Lower Cedar River Watershed Map (pdf) ).

A fish passage facility at Landsburg Diversion Dam opened in 2003. The fish ladder allows fish to move upstream from the Cedar River below Landsburg into lower watershed streams, which the dam had prevented for over 100 years.

Only four species occur in the upper watershed (See Upper Cedar River Watershed Map (pdf)):

  • bull trout (Salvelinus confluentes)
  • pygmy whitefish (Prosopium coulteri)
  • rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
  • shorthead sculpin (Cottus confusus)

It is likely that the rainbow trout population in the upper watershed is introduced, but populations of the other three species have been isolated for at least 13,000 years by a natural barrier to upstream passage at Cedar Falls.

Other fish species in the watershed: