eBilling FAQs

Why do I have a new account number?

Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities have updated our billing system. If you make one-time payments online, pay through your bank, or use our pay-by-phone option, check your next bill to use your new account number. Learn about the new billing system.

Where did my stored payment information go?

Your stored payment information is connected to a specific account number. Your new account number can be found on your next paper bill. You will need to re-enter your payment details the first time you make a payment using your new account number. If you would like save your payment information for your new account number, check the box next to ‘Remember my payment information' and complete your transaction.

Is my previously stored payment information secure?

After two billing cycles, old account numbers and any stored payment information associated with them will be removed from our payment system.

What is eBilling?

eBilling allows you to view your Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities bills online and make payments using a credit / debit card, or ACH electronic debit.

Once you’ve subscribed to eBilling, you’ll no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. You’ll be notified by email each time a new bill is ready to view. You can log in with a user name and password and view your current bills and up to two years of bills and payment history.

This system is completely paperless and provides you with the convenience of electronic payments. There is no additional charge associated with using the eBill service to view and pay your bills.

How do I sign up for eBilling?

Simply go to the Seattle Utilities eBilling login page and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. You’ll need your SPU or SCL account number and corresponding mailing address ZIP code to sign up.

Create a unique user name, or use your email address; create a password; and set the answers to a few security questions.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to login, add additional utility accounts, and a payment method to your profile.

When can I enroll my account?

You can enroll your utility account as early as one business day after your account is activated in our billing system. If you’ve called on the phone to open your account, confirm with the customer service rep that the account is active. If you submitted your request to open your account online, by fax, or mail please allow up to two weeks for your account to be active.

How do I enroll additional accounts?

Login with your user name and password, and select Enrolled Accounts from the ‘Profile’ section and click the ‘Add Utility Account’ button. You can associate an unlimited number of Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities to your eBill profile.

You will need your SPU or SCL account number and corresponding mailing address ZIP code to add an account.

Can my spouse, partner, roommate or tenant sign up too?

Yes, they can. Your spouse, partner, roommate, or tenant can create their own user name and password and view the bills for the property, make payments, and view payment history. Each Seattle City Light or Seattle Public Utilities account can be associated with three different user profiles.

Will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?

When you enroll your account in eBilling, your paper bills will be stopped. If you ever want a paper bill, it's easy to print a copy from your computer. All late notices and shut-off notices will continue to be sent through the mail.

I’m moving, what should I do?

If you’re currently enrolled in eBilling and are transferring service to a new location:

  • Simply add the account for your new location to your eBill profile. Login with your user name and password, select enrolled account from the ‘Profile’ section and click the ‘Add Utility Account’ button.
  • If you’d like to remove the account at your previous location after paying the final closing bill, login with your user name and password, select enrolled account from the ‘Profile’ section and click ‘Delete’ in the far right-hand column.

If you’re moving and haven’t previously enrolled in eBilling:

  • First enroll your current account in eBilling by going to the Seattle Utilities eBilling login page and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. You’ll need your SPU or SCL account number and corresponding mailing address ZIP code to sign-up.
  • Then use the "Open or Close Your Utility Accounts” form to request that your accounts be opened or closed. When the account for your new location is activated in our billing system, login with your user name and password; select enrolled account from the ‘Profile’ section and click the ‘Add Utility Account’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you’re not enrolled in eBilling, but want to open or close your utility account:

How do I cancel my eBilling enrollment?

Login with your user name and password, and select ‘Enrolled Accounts’ from the ‘Profile’ section and click the ‘Delete’ link on the right-side of the page, for the account you want to cancel from eBilling. Everyone who has associated this account in their online profile (your roommate, spouse, partner or tenant) must delete it in order to return to paper billing.

Once eBilling is canceled, you will receive a paper bill in the mail with the next bill cycle.

I’m on Budget Billing. How do I use eBilling?

Budget Billing customers can enroll in eBilling like any other customers.

If your account is on Budget Billing and you choose to pay half of your bill by the due date and the other half the next month, you can continue to do so. If you’re making your payments online, just login to your eBill account on the day you’d like to make the payment, select the account you’d like to pay and click the pay selected button. In the payment amount section, select ‘Other’ and enter the amount you want to pay.

For accounts on the Budget Billing plan enrolled in eBilling, a paper interim bill will still be mailed to you if you choose to make two payments.

How is my personal information kept safe?

There are several ways your information is kept safe. Including:

  • The use of Captcha validation codes to make sure you’re a human and prevent hacking. Security questions add an extra layer of protection for personal information. Sessions time out if you leave the page open for an extended period of time. This prevents others from accessing your information in case you leave your computer.

Is the new eBill system vulnerable to Internet security threat (such as the Heartbleed Bug)?

We place first priority on ensuring the confidentiality of your customer information. We took the necessary steps and precautions to update our security devices with the latest patch/firmware designed to eliminate Internet security threats such as the Heartbleed bug. The patch has been fully tested and the proper security is in place. As a further preventative measure, we also updated all of our SSL certificates and provided any emergency notifications to all respective clients. Please be assured that we are fully engaged in continuing to harden our security measures, our monitoring of this change and staying on top of any material updates with any Internet security threat. If you have any questions on this matter or require further details of this SSL update, please contact us directly at (206) 684-3000.

What if I forget my user name or password?

If you can’t remember your user name and/or password to login, click on the ‘Forgot your user name or password’ link on the Seattle Utilities eBilling login page. You’ll be taken to the page to recover your password. If you’ve forgotten your user name, click on the ‘Forgot your User Name’ link to the right of the ‘User Name’ field.

Can I download my bills?

You can view, print or save any bill in your bill history. You can also export the individual bill details to Excel.

At this time you cannot directly download to Quicken and other money management software, but you can download in Excel and import into your money management software and download to print.

Why can't I see some of my payment history?

Our system has been improved to allow you to see payments made outside of the eBilling system, for example, at a walk-in payment center. These payments are now coded “OTH” (other) in our system. If your payment was made prior to 4/1/2014, details will be limited and your payment history may not include these payments.

Do you have a mobile app?

Seattle Utilities eBilling does not have a mobile app to download. But if you navigate to our eBilling homepage from your mobile device, you should automatically be redirected to our eBilling mobile site. From there you can add a shortcut to the site on your device’s homepage.

How do I pay my bill in eBilling?

You can pay your account online using VISA or MasterCard credit / debit card, and ACH electronic debit payments using your checking account information. There is never a charge for making a payment. There are several options for paying your bill in eBilling:

  • You can manually pay each new bill as it’s available, by logging in and selecting the account to pay from the Account Home or Bills pages.
  • You can schedule a single payment to be paid on a date in the future, as long as it’s for a date that’s on or before the due date of the most recent bill.
  • You can set up automatic recurring payments, in the ‘Payments’ section of your eBill profile. There are several options for recurring payments, including multiple payment options and frequencies.
  • If you choose not to create an eBill profile, you can choose the One-time Payment option from the Seattle Utilities eBilling login page, by entering the account number and mailing address ZIP code.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble accessing my bill?

If you’re having trouble viewing your bills, making payments, or accessing or managing your eBill account, you can contact Customer Service:

You may pay your bill 24/7 over the phone on our automated system or online at www.seattle.gov/utilities/ebilling.