Food Waste and Organics Surveys

The primary purpose is to evaluate Seattle residents’ attitudes, awareness and behaviors towards the various City-sponsored organics waste management programs and how to improve Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) services. The Home Organics Surveys are done every 5 years and began in 1995.

2018 Home Organics Waste Management Survey

Recycling Surveys

2007 Zero Waste Study

Quantitative Assessment of Waste Disposal and Reduction Concepts; A series of surveys completed in May 2007 that obtained feedback from residential and commercial customers on various zero waste, waste prevention, and product stewardship programs. View the Recycling & Waste Reduction Study - Zero Waste Study.

Seattle Recycling Value Survey

Between October 2004 and March 2005 SPU, in collaboration with researchers at the University of California, Davis, conducted a comprehensive household recycling survey. The survey was undertaken as part of a research project to better understand what is most important to households when they make garbage and recycling decisions.

The main two objectives of this research project were:

  1. to examine households’ waste handling and recycling behaviors, and
  2. to measure the economic (non-market) value of recycling programs and City-wide waste diversion.

As part of the project, we also tested a variety of survey techniques that could be used in the future to help the City understand how citizens value other services provided by SPU. View survey results (pdf).