Food Waste Requirements

Seattle Municipal Code sections 21.36.082 and 21.36.083 require that residents and businesses do not put food scraps, compostable paper, yard waste, and recyclables in their garbage.

Single-family residences

Single-family garbage containers should not contain recyclables or food waste. Recyclables and food waste should be put in their respective carts.

Multi-family residences

Apartments and condos must provide convenient food and yard waste service and recycling service for their residents. SPU gives warning notices for multi-family garbage containers that contain recyclables and food waste. For each warning, the property will receive a tag on the container and a notice will be mailed to the account. After two warnings, properties may receive a $50 fee on their waste bill for recyclables in the garbage.

What doesn't go in the garbage?

What resources are available?

Seattle Public Utilities offers free assistance to help residents recycle and compost, including the education materials in multiple languages on this page. Learn more about food and yard waste at your house.

Friends of Recycling and Composting (FORC)

If you live in a multi-family residence, ask your property manager if you can sign up as your property's FORC steward. Your property will get a one-time $100 utility bill credit and could receive free kitchen bins for residents.