Save Yourself a Trip

How to save yourself a trip – and time and money.


  • Have SPU pick up your bulky items – Old furniture, mattresses, appliances and the like. The cost is $30 per item, the same as the minimum charge at the transfer stations (refrigerators are $38). Call SPU Customer Service at (206) 684-3000 to arrange a bulky item collection. You’ll save a trip. Learn more >
  • Subscribe to a larger food and yard waste cart - Moving up from a 32 gallon can to 96 gallons costs only $25.80 per year, about the same as a single flat rate trip to the transfer station with yard waste. And, you don’t have to drive and wait in line. (You may wish to have your utility bill handy.) Learn more >
  • Set out extra yard waste – An extra bag (kraft paper only, no plastic), bundle or 32 gallon can costs $5.40.
  • Set out an extra garbage can – An extra bag, bundle or 32 gallon can costs $10.60.
  • Recycle demolition and construction debris - You can save money by separating these materials and taking them directly to a recycling specialist. You’ll find locations and other information in the King County Construction Recycling Directory.
  • Remodeling? Save trips by ordering a drop box for debris. Learn how >
  • Donate reusable household items to local charities.
  • Don’t forget to use your curbside container for all recyclable items.
  • Refrigerators - check to see if you are eligible for the free pick-up service and $30 refrigerator recycling rebate from Seattle City Light.