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In recent years nearly 200,000 tons of recyclable and compostable material from Seattle went into the landfill. Businesses can reduce their need for garbage collection by recycling, composting food scraps, and salvaging building materials during construction. Why waste a good thing?

Garbage collection

To set up service or resolve issues, commercial businesses deal directly with the commercial garbage provider for your area. (Apartment and condominium buildings, however, should work with SPU to set up service.)

For service in Central and Northeast Seattle

(206) 250-7500
801 S. Fidalgo St, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98108

For service in South and Northwest Seattle

Waste Management of Seattle
8111 First Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98108

Map of Seattle Commercial Garbage Providers and Service Areas

Clear Alleys Program

If your building is in Belltown, Downtown, Pioneer Square, the International District, or Columbia, containers may not be stored in the public right-of-way. Learn about the City’s Clear Alleys Program.

Commercial recycling services

City ban ordinance requires recyclable materials and yard debris be kept out of garbage. See Commercial Recycling to learn about options for your business.

Commercial compost services

Food and yard waste is also not allowed in commercial garbage. Commercial Compost Collection costs less than regular garbage pickup. It diverts yard debris and food scraps from the landfill by turning them into compost for local parks and gardens.

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