Garbage for Building Owners/Managers


Dumpster service is usually requested by apartments and condominiums, but it is also available to single-family homes and some mixed-use (commercial and residential) buildings.

Rates and starting service

Service is contracted for a minimum of six months, with various sizes and frequencies of collection available. See dumpster rates.

  • To request solid waste service set up, call Customer Service at least 4 weeks prior to occupancy (206) 684-7665. A solid waste inspector will contact you to set up an on-site meeting.
  • As part of starting service, a Seattle Public Utilities inspector will meet with a building manager or owner to determine container size and location and collection frequency.
  • If you need to arrange garbage service for retail or other businesses (not apartment or condo buildings) deal directly with the commercial garbage provider for your area.
  • View the Solid Waste Rate Increases FAQ.
  • Architects seeking design guidance for solid waste storage rooms for new building projects can contact Angela Wallis at or (206) 684-4166.

Tenant education materials

To keep garbage volumes lower, you can order tenant education materials (translated in several languages) about the many recyclable items.

Dumpster Placement

  • The dumpster(s) must be located on a flat, level, hard surface with unobstructed access to a paved street, alley or parking lot as approved by a Solid Waste Utility field representative and the collection contractor.
  • The dumpster(s) must be accessible by 7 a.m. on collection day(s), and not blocked or locked up.

Dumpster size

To help in your planning, please see:

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