Cart Start Up Service & Cost

Two service options are available for food and yard waste service at multifamily properties:

  • Curb and Alley: The cart must be pushed to the designated site by 7 AM on day of pickup or be located within three feet of the curb or in the alley.
  • On-site: The service provider driver will drive or walk to the cart and empty it. The driver will also unlock the cart as needed.

Carts with food and yard waste can be heavy and are best serviced on a level surface area. Use caution when pushing heavy food and yard waste carts to the street curb.

Please call (206) 684-7665 for all multifamily service requests or complaints (missed collection, compostable liner bags, change in service, etc.).

How many carts do we need?

Food scraps, yard waste and food-soiled paper (including paper towels, paper napkins, pizza boxes) are NOT allowed in the garbage. Put all of these items in the Food & Yard Waste cart.

Size of Building Recommended Food & Yard Waste Cart Size for Start-up
5 - 50 units One 96 gallon cart (180 lb. weight limit)
51 - 100 units Two 96 gallon carts (180 lb. weight limit per cart)
100 or more units With program maturity, an additional 96-gallon cart will be necessary for every 50 units

How much will it cost?

Effective April 1, 2018.

Cart Size Frequency On-site Service
Monthly Cost
Curb/Alley Service
Monthly Cost
32 gallon Weekly $34.30 $9.25
64 gallon Weekly $66.99 --
96 gallon Weekly $78.62 $11.85

* 64 gallon containers are only available for on-site service.

On-site customers can request additional pickups at additional cost. All carts used primarily for food waste include compostable liners which the service provider driver will insert every week at no additional cost. Carts used primarily for yard waste do not need a compostable liner bag.