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The City of Seattle doesn't allow food and compostable paper in the garbage. This includes food-soiled pizza boxes, paper napkins and paper towels, can't go in the garbage. Businesses that generate food waste or compostable paper must subscribe to a composting service, or self-haul their food waste to a transfer station for processing.

Seattle businesses can save money and reduce waste through the City of Seattle's Commercial Compost Collection. The service costs less than regular garbage pickup, and food scraps and yard waste are turned into compost.

The Commercial Compost Collection service accepts all food scraps (including meat, fish, dairy and produce), food soiled paper, waxed cardboard, and yard debris. View list of acceptable compostable items (pdf).

Service prices are 32% below garbage prices.

To participate in this program

To receive collection containers and reduce your garbage service, contact your City of Seattle garbage service provider or another hauler of your choice.

Your hauler will deliver an outdoor compost collection container and empty the container at least once per week.

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Green Your Business - A free resource for all Seattle businesses that supplies information on recycling, food waste, waste reduction, water conservation and water quality resources.
Cedar Grove Organics Recycling, LLC - A local compost collection company and a processor of organic compostable materials.
Republic Services/Allied Waste Inc - Local branch of national collection company supplying services to commercial customers.
Waste Management, Inc - A national solid waste management company with local northwest offices supplying commercial food recycling services to Seattle businesses.