Save Water at Your Business

  • The Original Children's ShopThe Original Children's Shop is a Madison Park "Greener" business that saves money and water by monitoring their water bill.

Saving water is good for business and the environment. Your business may easily reduce water use and lower utility costs 20-30% by replacing inefficient equipment and changing operations. Saving water is not only good for your bottom line; it also has environmental benefits as fresh water is a limited resource that needs to be conserved for future use.

The best ways to reduce water use at your business are:

  • Check for and fix leaks, including checking tank toilets for silent leaks.
  • Wash full loads or dishes or laundry.
  • Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator.
  • Provide new towels only on request.
  • Check cooling towers for overflow and excessive blowdown.
  • Turn off water-using equipment when not in use.
  • Increase employee awareness about using water wisely.
  • If purchasing fixtures or equipment, choose water-efficient models.
  • Reuse industrial and manufacturing process water.

Other resources to help reduce your water bill include:

  • Assess your water savings potential through a water footprint.
  • Implement these low-cost or free best practices with minimal impacts on performance and customer satisfaction.

Get recognized for your efforts: EnviroStars.

Saving Water Partnership

We provide rebates and assistance through the Saving Water Partnership, a group of local utilities that work together to provide water conservation programs in Seattle and King County. To see if your business is located in the Saving Water Partnership, view the SWP service territory map.