Sewer (Wastewater) Rates

Current rates are:

  • What do your sewer and drainage rates pay for?
  • Protecting local waterways from sewage overflows…
  • Preventing flooding, landslides, and sewer backups…
  • Maintaining, repairing, and replacing pipes and pumps…
  • Protecting local waterways from pollution…
  • Protecting local waterways from stormwater runoff…
  • Relocating sewer and drainage pipelines for major projects.
Residential & Commercial20202019
Typical Monthly Residential Bill $66.87 $62.26
Rate per CCF (100 cubic feet) $15.55 $14.48
  • 1 CCF equals 748 gallons.
  • The typical single family residential customer generates 4.3 CCF of wastewater per month.
  • Most residential customers are billed every two months.
  • There is a one CCF minimum charge per premise per month.
  • Summer (May – Oct) residential sewer bills are based on the average consumption during the winter (Nov – Apr).
  • Sewer Standard, Connection and Administrative Charges (pdf).

Eligible low-income customers can receive a 50% credit on their bill. For more information, please see Payment Assistance Program.

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