Third-Party Hauling Requirements for Construction Materials

  • Trucks hauling construction and demolition materials.

Many construction and demolition contractors will choose to haul their own construction waste for recycling or disposal. If a third-party is hired to do this hauling, then several rules will apply:

For recycling

  • You may hire any recycling company to do the hauling.
  • The container which is provided must be labeled as a Recycling Container and have a list of acceptable materials.
  • There should be no non-recyclable materials in the container.
  • Recycling containers with non-recyclable materials must be hauled by Waste Management.

For disposal

  • You must contact Waste Management, the City of Seattle's contracted hauler for non-recyclable C&D waste, for hauling services at (800) 963-4050.

Seattle Public Utilities will periodically inspect construction site containers to make sure that:

  • Recycling containers are labeled with a list of acceptable materials and that there are no non-recyclable materials in the container through visual examination of container contents.
  • Disposal containers are those provided by Waste Management and that they do not have any targeted C&D recyclable materials such as concrete.

Note that these rules do not apply to:

  • Demolition companies hauling their own debris for either recycling or disposal.
  • Businesses and residents self-hauling their own wastes from their own properties.
  • Junk or litter removal companies that are hired to clean up debris and waste that are not set out for container collection by a property owner.
  • Collection of special waste such as asbestos and contaminated soils.
  • Seattle Housing Authority, University of Washington and military bases or contractors hauling waste from their properties.

If you have questions regarding the C&D Waste third-party hauling Rules, please contact Hans Van Dusen at or (206) 684-4657.