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At Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), we purchase goods and issue contracts to help us deliver products and services to our customers. We follow the City of Seattle’s policies and procedures to ensure that our contract selection processes are consistent, ethical and fair.

SPU procures goods and services through three contracting methods:

  • Purchases of goods and services
  • Consultant contracts
  • Construction contracts (Public Works)

Most City contracts have these social equity requirements:

  • Equal Benefits: Contracts larger than $50,000 require that all benefits be available on an equal basis to its employees with spouses and its employees with domestic partners.
  • Inclusion Plans: The City is committed to doing business with women and minority-owned firms. Some contracts will require WMBE Inclusion Plans and sub-consultant payment reports. This plan becomes a material part of the contract.

Consultant Contracts

We use the following processes to procure consultant services:

  • Direct Selection: Direct selection is used when the total value of the work is less than $50,000.
  • Consultant Roster: The City’s Consultant Roster may be used when the value of work is less than $296,000, an appropriate roster category exists and a suitable consultant is available for use.
  • Full Solicitation: RFPs and RFQs are used when the value of work is $50,000 or more and the Consultant Roster is not used.

SPU’s consultant contracts are structured in one of these ways:

  • Discrete Work: Contracts where a discrete scope of work and deliverables have been defined, where no subsequent work is planned.
  • Phased Work: Contracts that require an initial scope of work be completed before subsequent work can be defined.
  • On-Call Work: On-call contracts are used when the nature of the work can’t be defined well enough for a discrete or phased contract structure, and for certain limited work (e.g., small projects).

We issue consultant contracts for various services including architectural services, engineering services contracts and other professional service contracts. These opportunities are announced on the City’s Consultant Contracting website.

Public Works Construction Contracts

For information about the City’s construction contracting processes, visit the City’s Public Works Contracting website. Bid advertisements are posted on the City’s eBid website.


We use Blanket Contracts established by the City’s Purchasing & Contracting Services Division. Purchasing RFPs are announced on the City’s Bids and Proposals website.