What is the Democracy Voucher Program?
To learn about the Democracy Voucher Program, please visit the About the Program page.

Can I still apply to receive Democracy Vouchers?
Yes. Apply now to receive your $100 in Democracy Vouchers.

How do I request replacement Democracy Vouchers?
If you need replacement Democracy Vouchers, please call (206) 727-8855 or e-mail democracyvoucher@seattle.gov. You will be asked to verify your name, date of birth, and mailing address.

Frequently Asked Questions
View the list of frequently asked questions here. If these do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us at democracyvoucher@seattle.gov or call (206) 727-8855.

Are you a registered voter?
You do not need to apply and will automatically receive your Democracy Vouchers by mail after January 3, 2017.

Not sure if you are a registered voter?
Visit the King County Elections' website to check if you are a registered voter and/or update your address.

Information for Seattle Residents
Visit the Seattle residents' page for more information about how Seattle residents may participate in the Democracy Voucher Program.

Information for Candidates
Visit the candidates' page for information about how to qualify as a candidate in the Democracy Voucher Program. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Polly Grow, the Campaign Finance Auditor and Trainer before starting a campaign.