Recruiting Commissioners for the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission

The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission (SEEC) is looking for a candidate to serve in the Commission-appointed position on the SEEC.

The SEEC is a seven-member, volunteer body that interprets and administers Seattle's Democracy Voucher Program, as well as the Whistleblower Protection, Ethics, Elections, Lobbying and Voters' Pamphlet Codes. The SEEC advises the City Council and the Mayor on promoting ethics in government and appoints and oversees the work of an executive director, who is charged with implementing SEEC decisions. Commissioners act as judges when a person is charged with violating one of the Commission-administered codes, and issue advisory opinions. Through staff, the SEEC publishes guides to the codes it enforces, and conducts educational programs on the Commission-administered codes.

Learn more about the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission position.  

To be considered for appointment to the SEEC, please send a letter of interest and resume by December 14, 2018 by e-mail to

What to expect for 2019's election

When will I receive my Democracy Vouchers?
Democracy Vouchers will be mailed to Seattle registered voters and those who apply beginning February 12, 2019.  

How many vouchers will I receive?
Each eligible Seattle resident will receive four $25 Democracy Vouchers in 2019.

Which positions are eligible for Democracy Voucher funding?
The seven Seattle city council district positions will be eligible for Democracy Voucher funding.

Can I give my Democracy Vouchers to any City Council candidate?
Your 2019 Democracy Vouchers can be given to any participating City Council candidate, including candidates within or outside your council district.

How much funding is available for candidates in 2019?
The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission has budgeted $4.2 million in Democracy Voucher funding for candidates in 2019.

Primary candidates have a maximum spending limit of $75,000. Those who progress to the General Election have a cumulative spending limit of $150,000.

How do candidates qualify for Democracy Vouchers?
Candidates running for a city council district position must collect at least 150 qualifying contributions and signatures from Seattle residents. Seventy-five contributions and signatures must come from within the candidate's district.

Which district do I live in?
Find your district and current councilmember.  

Where can I drop-off my vouchers?
For 2019, you may return your vouchers:  

•  Directly to a campaign

•  By mail using the pre-paid envelope included

•  City of Seattle Customer Service Centers

•  King County Election ballot box (when in use)

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