Information for Candidates

In 2019, the seven city council district races will be eligible for campaign funding through the Democracy Voucher Program.

Before starting a campaign, interested candidates are encouraged to contact Polly Grow, the Campaign Finance Auditor and Trainer, for a complete training on Seattle's campaign disclosure rules and regulations.

The information below provides an overview of the qualifying process for candidates. Visit our candidate/campaign resources page for more information. 

Interested in participating as a candidate?

To register for the program, the candidate must:

  • File PDC C-3 Forms itemizing deposits of all qualifying contributions with the PDC and the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission.
  • Submit the required number of qualified contributions from Seattle residents.
  • Follow all required campaign reporting requirements.

How many qualified contributions and qualifying signatures are required?

Candidates running for one of the offices below are required to collect the following number of qualifying contributions and qualifying signatures from Seattle residents:

  • City attorney - 400 contributions and signatures
  • City council at-large - 400 contributions and signatures 
  • City council district - 150 contributions and signatures (75 contributions and signatures must come from within the candidate's district)

Each contribution must be at least $10, but no more than $250.

What is the process for accepting Democracy Vouchers as a candidate?

  1. Candidates and campaign representatives may collect vouchers directly from Seattle residents once the candidate pledge is signed.
  2. Campaigns will returned signed vouchers to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission for verification.
  3. Once all qualifying contributions have been verified, the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission will release the funds to the candidate's campaign. Funds will be released at least twice a month.

Seattle residents may also return their vouchers directly to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission. The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission will verify the vouchers and report to the appropriate campaign the number of Democracy Vouchers received.