Past Participating Candidates

This page only shows candidates who participated in the Democracy Voucher Program.

For a complete list all participating campaigns, visit the Seattle Ethics and Elections' campaign page.

City of Seattle Elections

2019 Participating Candidates

2019 General Election Candidates

City Council District 1

Lisa Herbold  

Phillip Tavel

City Council District 2

Tammy Morales

Mark Solomon  

City Council District 3

Egan Orion

City Council District 4

Alex Pedersen

Shaun Scott

City Council District 5

Debora Juarez

City Council District 6

Dan Strauss

Heidi Wills

City Council District 7

Andrew Lewis

Jim Pugel

2019 Primary Candidates

City Council District 1

Brendan Kolding

City Council District 2

Christopher Peguero

Phyllis Porter   

City Council District 3

Ami Nguyen

Logan Bowers

Pat Murakami

Zachary DeWolf

City Council District 4

Beth Mountsier

Cathy Tuttle

Emily Myers

Frank Krueger

Heidi Stuber

Joshua Newman

Sasha Anderson

City Council District 5

John Lombard

Mark Mendez

City Council District 6

Ed Pottharst

Jay Fathi

Jeremy Cook

Joey Massa

Jon Lisbin

Kate Martin

Melissa Hall

Sergio Garcia

Terry Rice

City Council District 7

Daniela Lipscomb-Eng

Gene Burrus

Jason Williams

Michael George

Withdrawn Campaigns

Aaron Harris

Abel Pacheco Jr.

Asukaa Jaxx

Beto Yarce

David Hennessey

George Liu

Isabella Kerner

Isaiah Willoughby

Jesse Greene

Kelle Grace Gaddis

Robert Miller

Zoë True

2017 Participating Candidates

2017 General Election 

City Council Position 8

Jon Grant

Teresa Mosqueda

City Council Position 9

Lorena González

Pat Murakami

City Attorney

Pete Holmes

2017 Primary 

City Council Position 8

Rudy J. Pantoja Jr.

Sheley Secrest

Hisam Goueli

Mac S. McGregor

City Council Position 9

Ty Pethe

Pauly Giuglianotti

Ian Affleck-Asch

Eric Smiley

Withdrawn Campaigns

Ryan Asbert

Jennifer Huff

Roger Kluck

James Passey