Benefit Payments

Seattle City Employees' Retirement System mails benefit payments and makes direct deposits on the last day of the month, unless that day is a holiday or a weekend. If the last day of the month is a holiday or weekend, payments are made on the closest business day.

If you are newly retired, the Last Day on Active Payroll and First Pension Check table can help you determine when your first benefit check will arrive.

The amount of your monthly benefit payment will not necessarily be the same as the benefit amount shown on your benefit estimate. The dollar figure on your benefit estimate does not reflect deductions for taxes, medical, dental, or death benefit costs.

In addition, each November your benefit amount is adjusted to reflect increases in the cost of living.

Changes in benefits are explained in the Seattle City Employees' Retirement System Handbook.  Please note that the current handbook were created prior to SCERS II and may not reflect some of the variations in benefits between SCERS I and SCERS II.

Call the retirement office at (206) 386-1293 to speak to a retirement specialist about any questions or concerns with your benefit payments.