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Seattle City Employees' Retirement System (SCERS) began in 1929 by City Ordinance.  SCERS is governed by a seven-member Board of Administration (Board).  Within the scope of its fiduciary duties, the Board is responsible for the operation and administration of SCERS.  The Executive Director, who is appointed by the Board, is responsible for the day-to-day management of SCERS.

SCERS has provided retirement income to thousands of former city of Seattle employees and their beneficiaries. There are approximately 9,740 active employee members, 7,620 retired employee members (or their beneficiaries), and 3,670 deferred members who participate in the plan.

The provisions of the plan are set forth in Chapter 4.36 of the Seattle Municipal Code. The plan is a defined benefit plan.  The employee's salary, years of service, and age at the time of retirement are used to determine a monthly retirement benefit.

Seattle City Employees' Retirement System stewards over $4.1 billion in assets. The Investments page includes asset allocation and fund performance, the Retirement System's investment policy, information on the Investment Advisory Committee, SCERS's Positive Action Strategy and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) updates.

SCERS Mission, Vision, and Values

The Mission of SCERS is to fulfill the promise made to our members by delivering the retirement benefits they have earned.

The Vision is that SCERS is a trusted, financially strong institution whose members receive their retirement benefits through exceptional customer service.

SCERS's Values:

  • Excellence:  We strive to produce the best outcomes for our members while fostering the human resources and the quality of the processes we need to reach these outcomes.
  • Stewardship:  We safeguard the information and resources entrusted to us by our members and also care for and cultivate our team to best meet our commitments.
  • Integrity:  We bring the highest level of transparency, respect, fairness, and equity to all our interactions with our member, stakeholders, and ourselves.
  • Accountability:  We own our commitments, and we take responsibility for the personal growth necessary to continue to meet these commitments.
  • Service: We dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of and creating the best experience for our members in their interactions with the Retirement System.  We are considerate and understanding of our members and of each other.
  • Cooperation:  We prioritize the sharing of information and resources to create a stronger team and become a more effective service provider.
  • Trust:  We cultivate trust at every level of the organization in order to uphold our integrity, to create a safe environment for risk and innovation, and to bring out the best in each other.

SCERS Strategic Plan for 2024-2029


Jeffrey S. Davis, Executive Director
Address: 720 3rd Ave, 9th Floor, Seattle, WA, 98104
Phone: (206) 386-1293
Fax: (206) 386-1506
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The City of Seattle Employees' Retirement Office has two major functions: administration of retirement benefits and management of the assets of the Retirement Fund. Employee and employer contributions as well as investment earnings provide funding for the System.

The Mission of SCERS is to fulfill the promise made to our members by delivering the retirement benefits they have earned.