Calculating Your Benefit

Getting close to retirement age?  Let us calculate your benefit.

If you are within five years of retirement, the best way to get an accurate retirement benefit estimate is to request one from our office by completing the Benefit Estimate Request Form.

We will include information to help you understand the retirement process.  We will also customize your estimate to your unique situation:

  • Based on your payroll and employment history with the City, and
  • With a dollar amount for each potential retirement option to help you consider which choice will work best.

Dual membership/portability may affect your eligibility to retire and/or benefit calculation.  If you have earned service credit in one of Washington State's public retirement plans, or the cities of Spokane or Tacoma, you may be able to combine your SCERS service credit with credit earned in the other system(s).  Please complete and submit the Portability Claim Form.

Not so close to retirement?  Try our retirement benefit estimate chart.

If you are more than five years away from retirement, you can get a very rough estimate of your retirement benefit by using the Age and Service Chart.

Age and Service Chart, SCERS Plan 1

Age and Service Chart, SCERS Plan 2

New Member Service Portal

SCERS is rolling out a new web-based Member Self-Service (MSS) portal with full implementation expected by the end of the year.  As part of this service, members will be able to run benefit estimates and can do so as many times as needed.  Information will go out to all members when the system is ready to go live.

Please feel free to email us at if you have questions.