Calculating Your Benefit

When we plan for the future, we need as much acuracy as we can get.

Getting close to retirement age?  Let us calculate your benefit.

If you are within five years of retirement, the best way to get an accurate retirement benefit estimate is to request one from our office by completing the Benefit Estimate Request Form.

You will receive your estimate within six to eight weeks of receipt.  We will include information to help you understand the retirement process.  We will also customize your estimate to your unique situation:

  • Based on your payroll and employment history with the City, and
  • With a dollar amount for each potential retirement option to help you consider which choice will work best.

Not so close to retirement?  Try our retirement benefit estimate chart.

If you are more than five years away from retirement, you can get a very rough estimate of what your retirement benefit will be using the Age and Service Chart.

Age and Service Chart, SCERS Plan 1

Age and Service Chart, SCERS Plan 2

Looking for online benefit calculators?

We no longer offer our old online benefit calculators because the data in them is always out of date, making the calculations inaccurate.  Rather than invest in calculators that will never have real-time data, we are developing web-based self-service options that will be almost as accurate and customizable as the benefit estimates you request from our retirement specialists.

Look for these more robust online self-service options in the future as we continue to upgrade our systems.

How would you use a self-service web-based portal?  Send your feedback with the subject line "self-service input" to