Investments Overview

Seattle City Employees' Retirement System (SCERS) stewards $4.1 billion in assets (as of January 1, 2024).  Investments are managed to further our mission in fulfilling the promise to deliver the retirement benefits our members have earned and in accordance with the SCERS Investment Policy.  This policy establishes the goals of the investment program, the investment beliefs of SCERS, the strategic asset allocation and the responsibilities of the Board of Administration and other parties.

The Investment Committee meets monthly to assist the Board of Administration in carrying out its investment responsibilities.  The Board of Administration and its Investment Committee are advised by the SCERS investment staff, an external investment consultant, and the Investment Advisory Committee.

Please check the calendar for dates and times of Investment Committee meetings.  Current year Investment Committee minutes can also be found on our website.


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The City of Seattle Employees' Retirement Office has two major functions: administration of retirement benefits and management of the assets of the Retirement Fund. Employee and employer contributions as well as investment earnings provide funding for the System.

The Mission of SCERS is to fulfill the promise made to our members by delivering the retirement benefits they have earned.