Hit and Run Vehicle Collision Witness Form

Use this form if:

  • The collision happened in the City of Seattle.
  • You directly witnessed this collision or are completing this on behalf of a direct witness.
  • You are only a WITNESS to a hit and run, and not an involved party.  If you are an involved party call 206-625-5011.

Do not use this form if:

A police report has already been filed or if on scene police contact was made.

If you exchanged information with another driver and need to make a report, use this form instead. 

Details to Provide:

Please provide as much detail as possible including:

  • Any additional description of involved vehicles including damage
  • Any additional description of the driver, including condition or behavior
  • Direction of travel of the suspect vehicle
  • Any passenger information

( * ) Denotes Required Field

Involved Vehicle #1 Information

Involved Vehicle #2 Information

Witness Information and Contact

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