Harbor Patrol

The Seattle Police Harbor Patrol is the only marine unit with 24-hour operations in the Pacific Northwest, and responds to more than 6,000 calls annually.

Harbor Patrol covers 200 miles of City shoreline, 147 miles of freshwater and 53 miles of saltwater.

What Harbor Patrol does:

  • Provides marine law enforcement, rescue and assistance
  • Investigates water-related accidents and collisions
  • Manages and performs surface and dive search and rescue
  • Ensures boater safety by removing debris and water hazards
  • Performs boat safety inspections
  • Provides marine fire response and suppression
  • Manages marine special events including:
    • Opening Day of Boating Season
    • 4th of July celebration on Lake Union
    • Hydro races during Seafair
    • Other traditional Northwest regatta and racing events
  • Provides US Navy exclusion zone protection and enforcement
  • Participates in Homeland Security activities
  • Provides service for: disabled boats, boating accidents and tows