Precinct Contacts

South Precinct Burglary/Theft and Juvenile  
(206) 386-1855  

The Burglary/Theft Investigations Team investigates property crimes and crime committed by minors within each precinct. Being located within each precinct allows for closer communication with patrol, and more direct follow-up with property crime victims.       

Community Police Team
(206) 386-9180  

Community Police Team Officers focus on long-term and chronic problems in specific neighborhoods - problems that are often outside the bounds of regular patrol work.  It is their job to understand the ongoing problems and concerns of neighbors and businesses.  

Community Police Team Map

Sgt. Chris Toman  (206) 233-7144

Officer Sarah Coe  (206) 233-1543

Officer April Howard   (206) 386-1407

Officer Tim Hybak  (206) 386-1875

Officer Landon Steiger  (206) 233-2023

Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark SolomonCrime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon
(206) 386-9766

Crime Prevention Coordinators are experts in crime prevention techniques.  You can talk to them about ongoing crime problems in your neighborhood, getting involved in Block Watch and setting up a meeting to train you and your neighbors on crime prevention tips.