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Effective 08/09/2022:

Our precinct lobbies are open as staffing allows. Please call ahead to ensure availability. You can find your precinct's contact information here.

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Testing this year will be online through National Testing Network (NTN). Follow the instructions below to complete an application with the City of Seattle's Fire & Police Exam Unit.

The Fire & Police Exam Unit will send each screened applicant’s name and e-mail address to the National Testing Network (NTN). NTN will then contact the applicant with instructions for how to schedule participation in the NTN Frontline exam process at no cost.

Number 1Register with the City Personnel System

  • To apply online you first need to register an account with the City Personnel NeoGov System.
  • If you have applied for any jobs using a NeoGov account before (King County or Washington State) you are already in the system and can login using that account.
  • Once you have a NeoGov account, you can use it to apply for other city jobs.

Number 2 Find & Apply for a Job

  • You apply for a Police Officer job like any other city job, through the City Personnel Job Opportunities section.
  • Once in the Job Opportunities page, you will need to find the job called "Police Officer Lateral Entry or Entry Level". The quickest way to find this job is through the Search field. Or under "select a department," you can choose "Seattle Police Department-Civil Service".

Number 3 Screening & Testing Schedule

  1. After you have applied for the job, you will be screened for employment eligibility by the personnel department before they can be scheduled for testing.
  2. If you make it through the initial screening, you will receive an email with instructions on test scheduling.

Number 4 Fill Out the Personal History Information Packet

  • The personal history information (PHI) packet contains important paperwork to get your SPD background investigation started.
  • After you have successfully completed the written test, you will receive an email prompting you to virtually complete your Personal History Information (PHI). Please fill it out completely, provide all specified information, and upload all documentation. One you have submitted your PHI a Background Detective will review and follow up with you if any further information is needed.


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