Service & Program Impact Areas

The Seattle Human Services Department invests in a number of services to help children, parents, youth and young adults, seniors and adults living with disabilities. These direct services or government support of community organizations and nonprofits fund programs such as lunches for children, access to healthy and affordable foods, job skills training and internships for young adults, and information and support for older adults.

HSD’s Youth and Family Empowerment (YFE) Division supports positive youth and family development through strategic investments in employment opportunities, mentoring and educational support, food and nutrition, safety, and behavioral and mental health programs that help families and young people thrive. We are committed to ensuring all Seattle youth are prepared for the future regardless of race, income, immigration status, or neighborhood.
Seattle’s strong economy and job opportunities fueled Seattle’s rapid growth into the 15th most populous city, according to the U.S. Census. This growth intensified pressure on many residents’ ability to afford increasing costs in housing, transportation, utilities, and food. To create an inclusive and hospitable city for residents of all economic backgrounds, HSD offers programs that help to ensure all people living in Seattle can meet their basic needs by ensuring access to healthy and nutritious food for all residents.

Achieving financial stability for Seattle’s working families requires bold action on many fronts. HSD works to make Seattle more affordable for all by expanding the Utility Discount Program and providing license fee rebates to low income households, supporting home repair and renovation, and providing financial support and training to family child care providers throughout King County.
HSD’s Homeless Strategy and Investment (HSI) Division assists individuals in keeping or securing permanent housing. The division aims to make the experience of homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Services provided in three investment areas—prevention, emergency response, and housing—assist people who are at imminent risk of falling into homelessness or who are living without housing. In 2019, HSD investments served 24,043 unique households, representing 28,847 individuals (unduplicated).
The Human Services Department invested over $15 million in public health in Seattle and King County in 2019 to improve our communities, reduce health inequities, and maximize the lifespan of all Seattle residents. These investments helped to ensure all residents have access to preventative care, primary care, specialty care, urgent care, and behavioral health services. The goal of these programs and services is that all people living in Seattle experience moderate to optimum health conditions.
People thrive when their lives are free from violence. The Safe and Thriving Communities Division invests in violence prevention and community safety. The division houses the City’s work to prevent gun violence, counter domestic violence and sexual assault, and help young people harmed by the criminal legal system.
HSD’s Aging and Disability Services (ADS) Division is designated by the state and federal governments as the Area Agency on Aging. In this Agency role, staff plan, coordinate, and advocate for a comprehensive, countywide service-delivery system for older people, family caregivers, and individuals with disabilities. The division funds and delivers an array of long-term services and supports, including case management for clients who receive in-home care, nutrition services, caregiver support, senior centers, and information and referrals to a network of support to ensure that all older adults and people with disabilities experience stable health and are able to age in place. In 2019, ADS conducted 12,186 long-term care assessments and authorized $377,940 in services for 12,598 people.
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