Portrait of Acting Director Jason JohnsonThe Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) is one of the largest contributors to Seattle's safety net. We invest nearly $170M in contracts to more than 150 community-based organizations that support our neighbors and communities and in direct services carried out by our own staff.

As the Acting Director of the department, Jason Johnson leads nearly 400 staff who make HSD's role as a grantmaker, planner, and direct service provider possible.

Our employees are organized into five divisions:

  1. Youth and Family Empowerment (YFE)
  2. Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (MODVSA)
  3. Leadership and Administrative Division (LAD)
  4. Aging and Disability Services (ADS)
  5. Homelessness Strategy and Investment (HSI)

Each grouping of staff is designed to work in partnership with providers and stakeholders throughout the community on a specific issue area to effectively steward public dollars. We accomplish this together by investing in strategies, programs, and services that work for the community, promote innovation in service delivery, and advance racial equity.