Case Management

The Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program offers case management to clients encountered via 9-1-1 calls or referred by SFD firefighters. This service is provided by MIH case managers from the Aging and Disability Services Division of the Seattle Human Services Department, which is the King County Area Agency on Aging. Our case management is typically short term (weeks or months) and focuses on connecting clients with longer-term supports. The MIH program works closely with a diverse network of partners across services: primary care, behavioral health, substance use disorders, homeless outreach, in-home care and much more. The case management aspect of our work allows us to engage more meaningfully with clients and work with them toward their long-term goals. This approach acknowledges that crises encountered on the street require time, patience and a multi-disciplinary approach to resolve.

Who we serve

The MIH program serves anyone within the boundaries of Seattle. Our focus is on adults who are highly reliant on the 9-1-1 system, who have been reported to the state as vulnerable adults, who are aging in place without proper supports, or who are experiencing behavioral health or substance abuse crisis. Our team approaches all clients with respect, dignity and a trauma-informed lens with the goal of working collaboratively to address their underlying concerns. We do not rule anyone out on account of their age, insurance status, citizenship or housing status. MIH clients are referred from firefighters or other 9-1-1 partners; due to team capacity, our case managers are not able to accept referrals from the community.  

Diagram of the clients we serve.

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