Email Fire Prevention

The best way to contact Fire Prevention staff is often by email. Most Fire Prevention units have designated email boxes that are monitored throughout the day.

TopicServicesEmail SFD
Certification Testing • Exam preparation
• Schedule tests and receive test results
• Renew your certificate
Construction Inspections • Schedule and cancel non-overtime inspections for construction projects
• Inspection readiness and pre-requisites
Const Insp
Construction Inspections - Overtime • Schedule and cancel overtime inspections for construction projects OT Const Insp
Daycare Inspections • Request licensure inspection for daycare facilities Reception
Fire Code Complaints • Report fire code complaints Reception
Fire Dept Permits • Hazardous material permits and inspections
• Special event permits
• Place of assembly permits
• For construction permits, contact SDCI or SFD New Construction
SFD Permits
Fireguard • Request fireguard services for stadiums, large events Special Events
Fire Investigation • Fire reports
• Arson hotline
General Questions • General questions and assistance
• Fire Code questions
Hazardous Materials/
• Questions about your jobsite, if you already have applied for a permit
• Schedule and cancel inspections
• Inspection readiness and pre-requisites
Special Hazards Unit
High-Rise Inspections • Schedule or re-schedule inspections
• Inspection readiness and pre-requisites
Impaired Systems • Provide SFD notice of red-tagged (out of service) fire protection systems like alarms and sprinklers Impaired Systems
Inspection Status for Licensing • Proof of inspection for licensing Code Compliance
Knox Box • Installation guidelines
• Schedule inspections
Knox Box
Plan Review • Fire code requirements for new construction projects
• Fire code requirements for remodels
Plan Review
Records Requests Public disclosure/records requests - visit the Public Records Request Center
Underground Storage Tank information - visit the Open Data Program
Public Disclosure
Special Events • Questions about your upcoming event if you already have the permit Special Events
Systems Testing • Info on testing and maintenance for fire alarms, sprinklers, etc.
• Requests to update property records, test due dates
Systems Testing
Violations & Orders to Comply • NOVs (Notices of Violation)
• OTCs (Orders to Comply)
Code Compliance