• $72,900 starting salary.
  • Medical, dental and vision benefits for employee and family.
  • Operations Firefighters work approximately eight 24-hour shifts per month.
  • State Retirement System pension plan (LEOFF Plan 2).
  • Tax deferred compensation account with fixed City contributions (similar to a 401K plan).
  • Vacation (up to 14 shifts per year).
  • Compensatory time.
  • Sick Leave (approximately 4 shifts per year, with unlimited accrual).
  • Life and Disability Insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Program counseling and referral benefits available for employee and household members.
  • Uniform Allowance.
  • Paid military leave (256 hours) and military wage supplement pay.
  • Veterans are eligible for certain GI Bill reimbursements during Recruit School.
  • Paid Parental Leave (320 to 480 hours).
  • Other leaves include emergency, paid family care leave, funeral, pregnancy disability, jury duty, transplant donor, family and medical, EAP counseling, and personal leave.
  • Eligibility for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program.
  • IAFF Local 27 union membership.
  • Employee Discounts (gym membership, cellphone service, and more).


The starting annual salary for a Fire Recruit is $72,900 per year with step, longevity and cost of living pay increases per union contract.

  • $6,075/month - Starting Recruit Firefighter Pay
  • $6,439/month - 6 months
  • $6,803/month - 18 months
  • $7,166/month - 30 months
  • $7,530/month - 42 months

In addition to promotional opportunities, there are several premium pay assignments available to Firefighters. Seattle Firefighters must have completed probation to apply for a technical team, including Hazardous Materials, Decontamination, Technical Rescue, Marine Emergency Response, and Vault Rescue. Seattle Firefighters must have at least three and a half years with the Department to apply to attend Medic One Paramedic training and work as a Seattle Paramedic.

Promotional Opportunities

  • Firefighter (starts at $72,900 per year)
  • Fire Lieutenant (starts at $99,096 per year)
  • Fire Captain (starts at $113,496 per year)
  • Battalion Chief (starts at $134,376 per year)
  • Deputy Chief (starts at $153,408 per year)
  • Assistant Chief (up to $235,443 per year)
  • Fire Chief

Premium Pay Assignments

  • Paramedic (17-18.5%)
  • Apparatus Driver (5%)
  • Hazardous Materials (5%)
  • Technical Rescue/Dive (5-8%)
  • Marine Emergency Response (5%)
  • Vault Rescue (5%)
  • Fire Prevention Inspector (7.5%)
  • Training Division Instructor (7.5%)
  • Fire Dispatcher (7.5%)
  • Arson Investigator (7.5%)
  • Other Administrative Positions (7.5%)


Questions about the hiring process should be directed to the Seattle Fire Department Recruitment Office via email to