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Seattle Sidewalk Accessibility Guide
Check out our Seattle Sidewalk Accessibility Guide, the go-to page for understanding our sidewalks and how to help make Seattle a safer, ...
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Georgetown to Downtown Safety Project
Building a protected bike lane that connects Georgetown and Downtown via SODO May 22, 2024 What’s happening now? We began the ...
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How Seattle Implements Complete Streets
How Seattle Implements Complete Streets Consider the recommendations of the Bicycle, Pedestrian, Transit and Freight Plans Consider ...
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MLK Jr Way Safety Project
Creating a new bike connection and a safer street on Martin Luther King Jr Way S June 7, 2024 Creating a safer street for everyone ...
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STBD Resolutions, Reports & Resources
Resolutions adopted by the STBD as well as reports and other reference material. Resolutions Adopted by the STBD Res. 19 - Adopting ...
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Seattle Right of Way Improvements Manual: 10-Year Update
Streets Illustrated is the new and improved 10-year update to the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Director’s Rule for Streets ...
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2018 Paving Projects
We've released new street design concepts for Northeast and Southeast Seattle paving projects. What's happening now We've released new ...
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Neighborhood Crossing Improvements
Neighborhood Crossing Improvements We’re making crossing improvements in several locations throughout the City of Seattle to improve places ...
0.00443593133 | 20240608T20:05:49
Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link
Completing a 20-mile trail that is heavily used by cyclists and pedestrians for commuting and recreation Updated: April 29, 2024 ...
0.00432181451 | 20240608T20:04:40
12th Avenue S Vision Zero Project
12th Avenue S Vision Zero Project August 16, 2021  This project is complete! The 12th Ave S Vision Zero project is complete!We ...
0.00432181451 | 20240608T20:05:37
Modal Plans
Our 20-year plans for walking, biking, transit, and freight. The growth of our city drives most of the work we do as a transportation ...
0.00427687354 | 20240608T20:05:29
Route 7 - Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor
Keeping buses moving and improving transit access on Rainier Ave S አማርኛ • 繁体字 • 한국어 • af-Soomaali • Español • Tagalog • Tiếng ...
0.004203677 | 20240608T20:05:03
Rainier Ave S Bus Lane
Improving transit reliability and travel times. አማርኛ  •  اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ  •  繁体字  •  af-Soomaali  •  Español  •  Tagalog  •  ትግርኛ  •  ...
0.004203677 | 20240614T12:17:10
15th Ave NE Paving Project
As part of our paving program, we'll repave approximately 1.3 miles of 15th Ave NE Paving, protected bike lanes, sidewalk repair, crossing ...
0.00406958535 | 20240608T20:04:58
Move Seattle
10-year Strategic Vision for Transportation Seattle today is facing the challenges that come with being one of the fastest-growing major ...
0.00391052756 | 20240608T20:04:41
Nickerson Paving Project
Nickerson/W Nickerson St is a principal arterial, major truck route, and a transit street on the north side of Queen Anne that serves 23,000 ...
0.00391052756 | 20240608T20:05:45
E Union St Protected Bike Lane
E Union St Protected Bike Lane Updated: May 26, 2021 Thanks to community members and neighbors for your continued support and patience ...
0.00391052756 | 20240608T20:05:58
Ang Route 7
Panatiliing gumagalaw ang mga bus at pagpapabuti ng pag-access sa transit sa Rainier Ave S አማርኛ • 繁体字 • 한국어 • af-Soomaali • ...
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7번 노선
Rainier Ave S에서의 버스 운행 유지 및 대중교통 접근성 개선 አማርኛ • 繁体字 • 한국어 • af-Soomaali • Español • Tagalog • Tiếng việt • English ...
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Plan Update ▪ March 2024 3.10-17 Freight Master Plan The ...
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are summarized below. The City of Seattle has a 10-year strategic plan outlined in Move Seattle (2015). Seattle also has ...
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Plan. The City is preparing a revised Freight Master Plan, which may ...
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& RecreationStart Date:End Date:In accordance with the Kubota Garden Master Plan, this project replaces ...
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, and policies for efficient movement of goods 2016 SDOT Freight Master Plan Policies, ...
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at the Budget Control Level. Amounts in thousands of dollars.2007-2012 Proposed Capital Improvement Program-110-Parks & RecreationStart ...
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