Re-Envisioning Public Safety Together

Chief's Letter to the Community

To the People of Seattle -  

I am honored to have been asked to serve as the Chief of the Seattle Police Department.

I committed to Mayor Durkan - and I make the same commitment to each of you - I will work tirelessly to ensure SPD provides a model of community safety that meets the needs of every part of our city.   

It was the privilege of my career to serve under and learn from Chief Carmen Best. She has ensured the SPD is an agency committed to continuous improvement and innovation. That will not change - each day we will strive to learn and do better.   

Throughout my service to the SPD, I have witnessed the positive change that occurs when the department and the community function as one. When we know each other. When we trust each other. As Chief, I promise you, I will continue to listen to and work with this community that I love.   

SPD will continue to set the national standard for modern policing - our work will not stop. As Chief, in these tumultuous times, I will focus on these key areas:       

  • Re-envisioning Policing - Engage openly in a community-led process of designing the role the department should play in community safety.
  • Humanization - Prioritize the sanctity of human life in every situation and affirm each individual's worth.
  • Reinventing Community Engagement - Establish true and lasting relationships through respectful interactions in every situation.
  • Fiscal Stewardship - Examine critically every dollar spent to ensure it meaningfully contributes to community safety.
  • Employee Wellness and Morale - Support exceptional police services by ensuring the department retains the best employees.

The Seattle Police Department has heard the community and has engaged the work of re-envisioning community safety. We are tracking this effort on this website. My commitment to you is this work will include your collective voices. We will not make important decisions in a vacuum. If we fail to meet these expectations I expect that you will hold me and the department accountable.   

I look forward to serving as your Chief. Please contact me if you have any issue, concern, or suggestion.  

Adrian Diaz, Chief of Police
Seattle Police Department


"I strongly believe that we need to work together to build a public safety system that is trusted, accountable, and meets the needs of all the people of Seattle." - Chief Adrian Diaz 


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