Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit investigates felony and/or misdemeanor crimes involving family household members and people in relationships.  DV Unit Detectives conduct follow-up investigations based on police reports completed by patrol officers. They can provide information regarding the status of your case, if a detective and/or advocate will be assigned, and if felony or misdemeanor charges will be filed. Detectives can respond to the scene of serious assaults 24-hours a day, 7 days a week in order to gather evidence and initiate a follow up investigation.

The felony squad investigates felony cases if the suspect is in custody or at large. The misdemeanor squad investigates crimes that do not rise to the level of a felony. These misdemeanor detectives work closely with the Seattle City Attorney's Office to prevent domestic violence from escalating.   Other specialized crimes handled by this unit include elder abuse and fraud, custodial interference and stalking. Additionally, the unit coordinates Domestic Violence warrant service and service of Protection and Anti-Harassment Orders.

Court Order Service

Once approved by a judge, petitioners may drop off the service copy of the DV or anti-harassment/stalking order at SPD Headquarters at 610 5th Ave, Seattle Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00pm. An SPD officer will attempt to serve the respondent. If service is not possible because they can't find the respondent, further assistance may be helpful. If there is additional information on the whereabouts of the respondent, please call the DV UnitThe order must be served on the respondent 5 court days before the 2-week hearing.  

To check the status of service, call the DV Unit (Mon-Fri 8-5) at 206-684-0330 or register with the WA SAVIN Program.   If service has not been accomplished, the petitioner will still need to appear at the hearing and request an extension of the temporary order.  Failure to appear at the 2-week hearing will result in the case being dismissed.    Call the Victim Support Team (VST) at 206-684-7721 if you have additional questions or would like to make a plan to stay safe.  

Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO)

The ERPO was designed to give family, household members, and law enforcement a way to petition the court to restrict the access and ability for a person with health crisis issues to purchase or possess firearms.  Those issues may include violent behavior, threats to harm oneself, a dangerous mental health crisis, along with drug or alcohol abuse.  If there is a high risk that the person in question may injure him/herself or others in the near future by having a firearm then an ERPO may be the order for which to petition.

  • For general information about ERPOs, go to and scroll down to the ERPO section.
    • This site has a link to free legal resources.
  • Email where advocates and staff are available during business hours Monday-Friday to provide assistance, including referring callers to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  • For additional information on how to apply for an ERPO, download the brochure on Extreme Risk Protection Orders

If you are reporting an emergency, please dial 911.