African American Community Advisory Council


The African American Community Advisory Council to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) was created in mid-1996, and is one of ten councils that work collaboratively with the police. The demographic advisory councils were born out of a need to hear directly from communities that often feel disenfranchised, alienated, or as though they do not have the same access as the majority population does to the police department.


  • Advise the SPD about crime prevention, public safety, and law enforcement concerns of the African American community through open and respectful dialogue.
  • Promote and encourage cultural competency training for officers while expanding the community's understanding of the practices and policies of the police department.
  • Support and encourage African American youth and the SPD to develop a healthy and successful relationship.
  • Promote and encourage community participation in the Advisory Council, events and workshops that promote public safety.
  • Foster goodwill and trust between the African American community and the Seattle Police Department.
  • Encourage police recruitment in the African American community.