Crisis Response Team

The Crisis Response Team is comprised of specially trained officers, partnered with mental health professionals, to assist individuals in mental health crises. The Crisis Response Team works to connect individuals in crisis to resources to help to address their physical and mental health needs and divert them from the criminal justice system.

The unit also oversees SPD's Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program, a 40-hour curriculum provided to all officers throughout the department, and works closely with partners with the Seattle-King County Health Department, King County Behavior Health and Recovery Division and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

How does an officer become CIT Certified?

To become certified, an officer must complete a 40-hour training course, and ongoing training is required to maintain certification.

Subjects covered in the training include:

  • An overview of mental disorders
  • Recognizing types of mental illnesses
  • Communicating with mentally ill individuals
  • Officers learn different techniques for different disorders.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) empower family, household members and law enforcement to petition the courts to prohibit a person experiencing a mental health crisis from purchasing or possessing firearms. Each ERPO petition is reviewed by a court to determine whether the subject of the petition has expressed violent behavior or threats to harm themselves or others.