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Skagit River
Wildlife Grants
Mission and Goals
Pre-Proposal Guidelines
Your Environment
Wildlife Research Program Grants

Application Form

Wildlife Research Program

Skagit River Hydroelectric Project


Applicant Information

Name of organization: _______________________________________________
Type of organization:
  • Govt. agency
  • Educational institution
  • Non-profit
  • Private firm
  • Individual
  • Tribal
Contact person: ___________________________________
Phone: __________________________________
Fax: ___________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________

Project Information

Title: _________________________________________________________
Location: ____________________________________________________
Start date: _______________________________
Completion date: ____________________________________
  • Pre-Proposal (Complete)
  • Map of Study Area
Total number of pre-proposals submitted by applicant: _____
If more than one pre-proposal is being submitted, what is the priority ranking of this proposal? __________
Does this proposal duplicate or substitute for usual agency responsibilities? _______
Is this a multi-year or multi-phase proposal? _____
What long-term WRP goals are addressed by your proposal? ______________


Funding source    
Wildlife Reseach Program Grant (proposed amount) $
In-kind funds $
Other funds $
Total $

Signature: _______________________________________________
Date: ______________________________

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