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Wildlife Research Grants Program
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Guidelines for Pre-Proposals
Wildlife Research Program
Skagit River Hydroelectric Project


Complete application packages MUST include the following:
  1. Application cover
  2. Map(s) showing location(s) of proposed study area(s);
  3. Scientific research pre-proposal (format described below).
No additional materials will be accepted.

Please email a complete package in pdf format to Ron Tressler at :

Your pre-proposal application package must be received by 5:00 p.m., on the due date listed in the schedule.
  • Incomplete and/or late application packages will not be considered.
  • Multi-year or multi-phase proposals must be clearly indicated. If the value or completion of research in one phase is dependent on funding for subsequent phases, this must also be stated, and the subsequent phases must be sufficiently detailed and described.


Pre-proposals should be brief and MUST address all of the following items:
  1. Summarize the issue(s) and the importance of the problem(s).
  2. Describe your project's goals and objectives.
  3. What is the geographical location of the study?
  4. How does this study relate to the Skagit watershed and/or the North Cascades ecosystem?
  5. Discuss the application of the study results to the management of wildlife resources in the North Cascades.
  6. What is the project's timeframe and duration?
  7. Identify the principal investigator(s) and key project staff and state their titles and organizational affiliation.
  8. How will the project train new researchers or educate others in the application of the scientific method? If it is a graduate student doing the work, add a layperson's summary of their thesis research proposal to the application.
  9. What is your anticipated budget for this project? What in-kind contributions and co-funding will you be including? (Note: Overhead costs may not exceed 15% of the total project cost.)
  10. How does your project meet the WRP mission and all four goals?
  11. Provide a one paragraph description of the research approach you will use. Explain how the sample size, and methodology design will meet the research objectives.
  12. Provide names of two (2) potential peer reviewers, who are experts in the research topic. The purpose of the agency and peer review is to provide technical and policy perspectives to assist the WRAC in choosing projects to fund. Agency/peer reviewers may not be affiliated with the applicant's organization or stand to directly benefit from the project.
a.) Name: Title:
Organization: Phone/Fax:
Email address:
b.) Name: Title:
Organization: Phone/Fax:
Email address:

Pre-proposals may not exceed 3 (single-sided) pages for items 1-12. The application cover letter and the map requested above are not included in the 3-page limit. Pre-proposals should be prepared on 8 1/2 x 11 paper with 12-point font and 1-inch margins.
contact us

Ron Tressler, WRP Manager
Email address:
Phone: 206.386.4506
Fax: 206.386.4589
Mailing address:
Seattle City Light - Environmental Affairs Division
Attn: Ron Tressler
PO BOX 34023
Seattle, WA 98124-4023

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