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Seattle Emergency Numbers

  • Call 911 for life or property threatening emergencies
  • Power, sewer, water, drainage: (206) 684-3000
  • Blockage below street surface: (206) 386-1800
  • Fallen trees: (206) 386-1218
  • Roadway obstructions: (206) 386-1218
  • Traffic signal problems: (206) 386-1206
  • Landslides: (206) 684-8950
  • Electrical outage hotline: (206) 684-7400
  • Temporary shelter: (866) 427-4747
  • King County Damage Report Hotline: (800) 523-5044

Important Safety News

  • Live Wire Warning
    Keep your distance from a downed line and report it at 684-3000.
  • Darkened Intersections
    Treat all darkened intersections as a four way stop and to be cautious of drivers who may not stop.
  • Apartments without Fire Alarms
    Apartment buildings without power for long periods of time will lose their fire alarm systems. Conduct a fire watch to keep residents safe.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    Do not use barbecue or other open flame sources in the home. The smoke from an open flame indoors can lead to death or injury from carbon monoxide poisoning.